Our purpose

Decentralized handshake

Support Cardano blockchain platform

  • Incredible team and an inspiring vision
  • Restores trust to global systems
  • Ouroboros - Energy efficient and secure proof-of-stake protocol
  • Increase inter-region connectivity

Operating a staking pool in accordance with the decentralization

  • Commitment to a single staking pool
  • Creating and maintaining community of smaller pools - Your participation
  • Help pools to mint their first blocks and grow up using our community delegation
  • Inspire community to support smaller pools and increase decentralization

Participation in reconstruction of global systems with Cardano

  • Market decentralization
  • Administrative decentralization
  • Political decentralization
  • Fiscal decentralization

Provide consistency

  • Enable reliable, secure and operable pool
  • Support decentralization, communication and transparency
  • Increase our pledge
  • Decrease our fees when we reach constant block production
Decentralized handshake

Stake pool details


Pledge of 25k ADA


Reliable & secure server


Working 365 days in a year


Server hosted on Digital ocean


Minimum cost of 340 ADA per epoch


Pool margin 2%


Choose crypto exchange and create account


Create account on
crypto exchange
(Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex...)
and buy ADA on it
Choose, download and install wallet


Download & Install
Daedalus or Yoroi wallet
and create new wallet in it


Withdraw ADA from
your crypto exchange to
your Daedalus wallet address


In wallet stake pools section
search for JPRO staking pool
and choose delegate


Earn rewards

Your participation

Join JPRO community
Join our delegators community - click below

Why participate?

  • Acquire delegation from JPRO community for first blocks
  • Encourage growth of smaller pools
  • Increase collaboration
Check JPRO delegation schedule
Check community delegation schedule - click below

Delegators pipeline

  • Delegation schedule for JPRO community pools
  • Number of blocks is determined according to pool stake for participation
  • Dynamic community delegation, using community rules and schedule

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